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Qupe, Roussanne, Central coast

United States
$43 .95
- 1 bottle +

Tasting Notes

Aromas of toasted orange peel, roasted almond, with lingering rich buttery oak and vanilla. Flavors of ripe lemon, apricot, chamomile, butter, and brioche, and a palate that features rich and voluptuous, mouth coating texture, with a creamy mouth feel.


This wine and this vintage is special and Qupe does not make a single varietal Marsanne every year. This vintage comes from these vineyards: 49% Marsannefrom the Ibarra-Young Vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley; 10%Marsanne from the Purisima Mountain Vineyard also in Santa Ynez;6% Marsanne from Bien Nacido in the Santa Maria Valley; 6% Marsannefrom Sawyer Lindquist in the Edna Valley; 4% Marsanne fromCamp 4 in Santa Ynez; 14% Roussanne from Bien Nacido; and 11%Roussanne from the La Presa Vineyard in Santa Ynez.

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