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What we deliver

Wine from over 50+ countries around the world.

Easy to understand tasting notes, fun facts and pairing suggestions from our wine experts.

Extensive selection of sustainable and organic wines.

Bottles from exclusive artisan winemakers that will wow you and your friends.

How It Works

1. Take the Quiz!

Tell us your wine preferences and we’ll personalize your first delivery.

2. Discover Your Wine Palate

Our powerful data science gets smarter at predicting what to send you next and gives you a detailed breakdown of your personal palate.

3. Get Better Wine

Our wines are hand selected by experts who have traveled the world to find the best product for every palate.

4. Customize Your Next Order

Drink the wines you like when and how you like them by personalizing your order! Choose your price, shipping frequency, number of bottles, and the style of wines!

5. No Commitment

Change any shipment or pause anytime and come back when you miss us.

Why People Love Us

David D. 11 May 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, except it’s monthly! Now that the system knows our preferences every bottle is a new discovery worth having at a reasonable price point. Service is outstanding if there are any hiccups. Do it! My most complete endorsement, can’t go wrong.

Jenna 14 Nov 2018

Palate club is fantastic. My husband and I have used for almost 6 months now. Every month we get stocked with new and interesting wine selections to try that we never would have discovered on our own – which is half the fun. It’s like having a personal sommelier that delivers. Highly recommend.

Malcolm H. 12 Jun 2018

Palate Club gives me a chance to discover new wines that I truly enjoy. I love having my own, personal sommelier broaden my horizon. Plus it’s really fun to blind taste new bottles with friends every month.

Gil P. 17 Dec 2018

PC is an amazing service. Each month the wines get better, and I already found my new 'go-to Zinfandel' and bought a case of it. It's my new dinner wine for everyday drinking.

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