Get Paid to Drink Wine

Earn passive income by hosting tastings with Palate Club.

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How It Works

Just 3 Easy Steps!

1. Choose your favorite wines from Palate Club.
2. Invite your network to your tasting
3. Get $$$ for wine sold for and following the event!

What is Palate Club?

Wines are shipped as a fun blind tasting experience.
Palate Club sommeliers select unique, sustainable wines from winemakers around the world
Rate the wines in the Palate Club app to get a personal wine palate profile—all the details of your taste!
Discover new wines matched to your taste.

What Kind of Wine Drinker Are You?

How to Know if You Qualify

You have engaged social media followers
You love wine
You host tastings or have people interested in tasting wine with you
You’re able to work autonomously
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