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Ciavolich, "Fosso-Cancelli", Colline Pescaresi, Abruzzo

$40 .95
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Tasting Notes

Aromas of roasted macadamia, fennel seed, hay, grass, lemon pith, and creamed corn. The palate has a medium body, and an elegant finish, with bitter lemon and dried herbs.


The Ciavolich family is an old family of wool merchants of Bulgarian origins who, to escape the advance of the Saracen invasion, took refuge in Italy in the town of Miglianico, in the province of Chieti around 1560. The transition to land owners happened during the XVIII century. In 1853 Francesco Ciavolich built in Miglianico, opposite his private residence, the first winery, nowadays one of the most ancient and suggestive in Abruzzo, where to work independently grapes that came from the surrounding lands. The grapes of the vineyards are hand-picked and carried in small cases and taken in the winery. Crushing and pressing are undergone with the aid of a small crusher-destemmer and an old press. The must obtained is partly transferred in terracotta amphorae and partly in old French oak tonneaux. To start the fermentation a pied-de-cuve of indigenous yeast is added obtained from the same grapes. The fermentation takes from seven to ten days and the wine is then racked and left to age on fine lees in 15hl Slavonian oak barrels and in terracotta amphorae. The elevation lasts for about two years, following, the wine is racked and bottled without filtering. Pecorino is a light-skinned wine grape used in Italy's eastern coastal regions, particularly in Marche and Abruzzo. A classic Pecorino-based wine is dry and minerally, straw-yellow in color and has an elegantly floral bouquet of acacia and jasmine, sometimes spiced with a faint hint of licorice.

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