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Domaine Chasselay, "Quatre Saisons", Beaujolais

$22 .95
- 1 bottle +

Tasting Notes

Potently peppery, this Gamay presents the classic aromas of peppercorn, cola, aniseed, and dried salami. A traditional Beaujolais, this is low in tannin and high in acidity, making a mouth puckering and refreshing experience with flavors of red cherry, raspberry, smoked meat, and crushed stones.


The Chasselay family is one of those deep-rooted European families that can trace their lineage way back—in this case to 1418 and to the very place where they farm grapes today! That would be in the village of Châtillon d’Azergues in the Pierres Dorées, the land of the golden stones, so called because of the local limestone quarried for buildings. The stone is ochre-colored, and gives villages here the hue of the sun. This is the southern half of Beaujolais, the place where affluent Lyonnais families built country estates a short ride outside of their city. The architecture is frequently grand and regal, the villages are often darling postcards, and the wine is ostensibly simple—all straight Beaujolais, sans a hyphenated villages designation, let alone that of a cru. The land here is flatter, the soil richer, and mixed with Beaujolais’s northern granite there is a good amount of limestone (which can make for fine whites). The average Gamay tends to be lighter than its sibling to the north, and for sure it is less expensive.

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