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Domaine Richou, "Chauvigne", Anjou, Loire Valley

Chenin Blanc
$28 .95
- 2 bottles +

Tasting Notes

Savory aromas of spiced apple, pear jam, nutmeg, and walnuts. The palate provides a very different sensation of bright and fresh acidity, ripe stone fruit and Asian pear flavors, with wet rock and a slight yogurty finish.


Domaine Richou is managed by Didier and Damien Richou. They are responsible for the domain’s 74 acres of vines while Didier. The domain has long eschewed chemical fertilizers and since 2000 tended its vineyards with the pragmatic philosophy of viticulture raisonnée (or lutte raisonnée). With the 2013 vintage it converted to organic viticulture, and now it is taking steps with biodynamic viticulture. The Chauvigné Chenin Blanc The emphasis here is on freshness and minerality, with bright aromatics, lemon high tones, and richly long, elegant fruit. At around 1,700 cases, Chauvigné is the domain’s largest production. Two-thirds comes from a 7.4 acre vineyard named Violettes growing in volcanic schists soils, and one third comes from their Rogeries vineyard, growing in a streak of glassy volcanic soil known as rhyolites. Harvest is by hand with two passes through the vines, and the wine is made mostly in tank, with some 20% done in older barrels. Malolactic fermentation rarely takes place because of Chenin’s innate acidity and Richou’s cold cellar.

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