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Please select how many bottles per shipment you would like to receive and the price range per bottle. Palate Club offers profiles for red, white, and rosé wines.
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Shipping Frequency

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Subscriptions are automatically billed after the first 6 shipments. You will receive a preview of each shipment 72 hours before so you can give us feedback before we ship. Pause, change, or cancel anytime after the first 6 shipments.

Types of Wine
Click on each color to choose the price and number of bottles of red, white, or rosé you would like in every shipment.

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Price per Red Bottle
You will be charged the average price in this range. If bottles selected for your prepaid subscription do not meet this price, you will be automatically refunded. You will never be charged for more than your selected maximum price per bottle. Any upgrade throughout your subscription is on us.

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Number of Red Bottles

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Shipping is included for orders of 8 or more bottles for subscribers.

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