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1. Taste & Rate
Rate the wines from the Tasting Kit to tell us more about your taste. We use your ratings to create a personalized wine profile with suggested wines!
2. Discover Your New Favorite Wines
We source sustainable, finished wines of the highest quality from around the world and use your wine profile to match them to your taste. Shop wines match your taste, or let us choose for you with a membership.
3. You Make the Rules
Set up hassle-free shipping and flexible delivery options directly from the app. Shop, Subscribe or Cancel anytime without a phone call.
Blind Tasting Kit
Taste, Rate, Discover.
Perfect for virtual tastings!
Four premium, international wines with the labels hidden for an blind wine tasting experience that tells us what you love most!
People Love Us!
Alexandre B.
I tell everyone I know about this app. I've been a client for almost 2 years and the experience is great. Thanks to Palate Club, I've discovered great wines from across the world that I likely never would have purchased, or even been aware of.
Marcia H.
I love Palate Club! It has introduced me to so many wines that I never even knew of and it has helped me define for myself what are the qualities in wine that are most to my liking. The monthly deliveries are like a treasure chest, with new ones as well as those you like so much you have to have them again & again. It is fun to share them with others, guess what you think it may be & discuss what you like about the various tastes you sense in it.
Gruppe C.
Highly recommend doing the tasting with your partner and friends. What are you having? How does it taste? How would you rate it? The best thing however is when you get subsequent shipments and they really manage to send you better and better wines. It's awesome.
Rami R.
What a fabulous service that allows you to hone in on your truest taste and preferences. They deal in super interesting, rare labels that I've never heard of and help me understand my palate better than I could ever imagine. What an absolutely fantastic service that brightens up mealtime and enriches wine-sharing activities with friends.
John S.
I'm a huge fan of Palate Club. Their wine club works amazingly well, from discovering new things through recommendations to buying classics.
Need More Info?
Here is the list with the most popular questions and answers to them.
How will I know if I like the wines?
In the tasting kit, the four wines in your shipment are meant to be polarizing. We guarantee quality for all the wines and want you to rate the wines you like best! This tells us which types of wines you like best in order to give you a personalized wine profile.
Yes, you will have a chance to review the wines we matched to your taste after you rate the tasting kit. If something isn’t to your taste, let us know and a sommelier will help find something that you like.
Our sommeliers research each winery and favor sustainable, often organic wines. Note that due to complicated and varied regulations, not all wineries are certified organic, even if they practice it. We are working on adding an option to only receive organic wine.
We offer satisfaction guaranteed after you rate 4 bottles of wine of the same color, which creates your profile. If you don’t like something, we will replace it in your next shipment.
You decide how much you want to spend on each bottle and how often you get the wines. Right now, memberships start at $23/month, or 4x$17 bottles shipped once a quarter.
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