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Ciavolich, "Divus," Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Italy, 2016
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Italy, 2016
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Clos des Cordeliers "Cuvee Tradition" Saumur Champigny 2015
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France, 2015
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Cabernet Franc
Collier Creek, Zinfandel, Lodi, California, United States, 2016
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United States, 2016
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The wine club where you discover new wines matched to your taste!
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Put Your Taste First
Palate Club matches wines to your taste with machine learning. You rate wines in the app, which creates a profile based on your taste.
Our sommeliers travel the world to find the best tasting, best value wines to match any palate. They look for balance, purity in flavor, and sustainability.
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Our wines are shipped blind and revealed after you rate the wine, so every shipment is automated for a fun blind tasting experience.
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How It Works
Just 3 Easy Steps!
1. Build Your Taste Profile
Taste & rate any 4 bottles of the same color from our artisan collection to reveal your taste profile & recommendations.
2. You Make the Rules
Set up hassle-free shipping and flexible delivery options directly from the app. Shop, Subscribe or Cancel anytime without a phone call.
3. Discover New Wines Like a Pro
We use machine learning to make your wine profile smarter with every rating. Get undiscovered, international wines matched to your taste profile. Money Back Guarantee.
People Love Us!
Marcia Herman
I love Palate Club! It has introduced me to so many wines that I never even knew of and it has helped me define for myself what are the qualities in wine that are most to my liking. The monthly deliveries are like a treasure chest, with new ones as well as those you like so much you have to have them again & again. It is fun to share them with others, guess what you think it may be & discuss what you like about the various tastes you sense in it.
Carlos Diaz
Best wine service ever. I have been using Palate Club since the beginning and I am impressed with the quality of the wine I receive and their service. I highly recommend it if, like me, you love wine but don't know which one to choose when you're at the shelf.
Frédéric Plais
Great concept. Love the discovery aspect of the app. Wines are well picked, and to my taste. Every month I expect the delivery with envy
Thomas F
Perfect for the busy wine amateurs. I love wine but I don’t have the time to make broad research to find the ones that fit my taste. Palate helps me defining what is it I really like and then suggests me new great wines according to my taste! Discovering new wines has never been that easy! Thanks!
John Spinale
I'm a huge fan of Palate Club. Their wine club works amazingly well, from discovering new things through recommendations to buying classics.
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Join Palate Club today and get a free blind tasting kit
($59 value) to build your profile!

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Order minimum starts at 6 bottles to take advantage of the promotion. After your first month, order minimums start at 4 bottles every 3 months.
We guarantee satisfaction after you rate your tasting kit! Discount applied automatically. Free shipping.
Palate Club aims to make it easy & fun to discover new wines.
We aim to abolish wine snobbery and BS marketing so that you can love every glass.
Enjoy responsibly!
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