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Palate Club is the only wine club to use blind tasting to power taste-matching science.
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Wine Matching Platform
The more you rate, the more we learn. Palate Club’s data is so smart that we learn not only which types of wines you like, but also why.
Beyond identifying specific traits you like (or don’t like), we learn which combinations matter to your taste. Love strawberry aroma when paired with vanilla aromas from oak, but hate it when it’s ripe and stands alone? We can tell.
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Subjective Taste, 
Objective Data
An Algorithm Built by Sommeliers and
Powered by Your Taste
You don’t have to be a wine expert to know what you like.
Rate the bottles 1-5 stars based on your taste.
Each time you rate, our algorithm learns more about your preferences based on the traits in the rated bottle (you can get started with our blind tasting kit).
Palate Club identified 20 red and white “clusters” that group wines together by their most important characteristics. Your feedback also tells us which clusters to keep in inventory — we buy wine for your taste, not ours.
It Gets Better:
Your Responsive Profile
We encourage you to keep tasting & rating your Palate Club bottles.
1000s of ratings and profiles help our algorithm continue to build data sets about wine clusters, categories, and which traits are most polarizing for human taste.
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