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Eisacktal Kellerei, Schiava, Alto Adige

$17 .00
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Tasting Notes

Aromas of cranberry, menthol, rose petal, sour cherry, and wet stone. The palate is light in texture with a concentrated riper flavor of raspberry, wild strawberry, purple flowers, dried leaves, and clay.


The Isarco Valley offers one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Alto Adige, with its majestic mountains dotted by alpine farmhouses, castles, monasteries, villages, magnificent chestnut groves and, above all, terraced vineyards enclosed within neat low stone walls. Schiava, the grape variety most typical of and most commonly cultivated in South Tyrol, is scarcely grown in the Valle Isarco. The production area, located at the mouth of the valley, north of Bolzano, fully meets the needs of this variety, providing the typical Schiava elegance and fruity notes that have made this red wine the most renowned of South Tyrol.

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