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Villaviva, Carignan, Cotes de Thau, Languedoc

$13 .95
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Tasting Notes

A savory nose sea spray, persimmons, and herb-roasted meats, contrast with a palate that hits you with fresh grapefruit, mint, rose petals, and watermelon. Once you swallow, a cascade of savory again—savory herbs, wet rocks, and heirloom tomatoes.


VillaViva is produced from vineyards surrounding the fishing village of Sète, famous for its oyster beds, and facing the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the Cotes de Thau (pronounced “toe”) appellation, along the famous string of lakes (Etang de Thau) that make up the Thau Bassin, the VillaViva vineyards are planted on fossilized oyster beds, limestone, gravel and quartz soil and benefit from a sunny and dry climate perfect for rosé production. An elaborate subsoil network of fresh water and salt water conduits under the vineyards nourish the vines and contribute to the unique flavor of VillaViva.

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